Some sources of information

Some sources of information


Carnegie Mellon University: Cylab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory, Search for password

CSCAN Plymouth University: iTunes – Networks & Security, Publications

Light Blue Touchpaper (University of Cambridge): Search for password

The Naked Scientists Search for Passwords, Security Authentication Research for Paper Index

ResearchGate: Search for hacking, passphrase, passwords

Research Papers on Password-based Cryptography


SlideShare: Search for cyber security, identity theft, internet security, malware, passphrase, passphrases, password, passwords

YouTube: Search for Computerphile, Computerphile password, Computerphile security, cyber security, DEFCON password, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Hacking, Passwords, PasswordsCon, RSA Conference, Security BSides



International Symposium on Human Aspects of Information Security & Assurance (HAISA) Search

PasswordsCon: Bergen 2010, Bergen 2011, Oslow 2012, Las Vegas 2013, Las Vegas 2014, Cambridge 2015, BSidesLV 2016

RSA Conference: Search for identity theft, passwords

TED Talks: Search for password, security

TEDx Talks: Search for password, hacking

The Top 50 Must-Attend Information Security Conferences Digital Guardian 2017


Information Security Forum: Search for cybercrime, hacking, password

Information Security Stack Exchange: Tags encryption, malware, passwords, password cracking, password management,

PeerLyst: Search for cybercrime, password

Quora: Passwords, Password Management

Reddit: Computer Security, Security

Wilders Security Forums: search for cybercrime, hacking, password

Government organisations


Homeland Security Search for password

National Cyber Security Centre




Frank Stajano

Graham Cluley: Search for password, videos

Krebs on Security Search for cybercrime, data breaches, malware, password


Per Thorsheim: About, Media & Publications, Blog, Google+, PeerLyst blog, Videos

Schneier on Security: Search for password

Troy Hunt: Blog, 1Password, Have I been pwned?, Passwords, Security, Weekly updates (as podcasts)


MIT Open Courseware – Computer Systems Security

Networks & Security by Plymouth University

Magazines & newspapers

Ars Technica: Search for hacking, password, security

ComputerWorld: Search for password, passwords

The Cybercrime Daily

FossBytes: Security

The Guardian Technology: Search for password

NetworkWorld: Search for identity theft, password, passwords

The New York Times Technology: Search for password, passwords

The Register: Search for password

The Security Ledger:

Wired: Security, Search for hacking, internet security, malware, passwords

ZDNet: Search for cybercrime, hacking, password

Others to look at: recode, wirecutter

Password manager blogs








Regular podcasts

35 of the Best Information Security Podcasts to Follow Digital Guardian 2017

List of good security podcast one should listen to Information Security

Best Security Podcasts InfoSec Institute

PlayerFM Security Podcasts

Advanced Persistent Security Hosted by Joe Gray

Brakeing Down Security Hosted by Bryan Brake

CERIAS Security Seminar Podcast

CERT Podcast Series from the Software Engineering Institute Carnegie Mellon University

Cigital Hosted by Gary McGraw

Crypto-Gram Security Podcast by Dan Henage – features Bruce Schneier’s newsletter

The Cyber Jungle Hosted by Ira Victor, Samantha Stone

Cyber Security Interviews Hosted by Douglas A. Brush

The CyberWire


Data Breach Today Hosted by Data Breach Today staff

Data Driven Security Hosted by Jay Jacobs, Bob Rudis

Defensive Security Podcast Hosted by Jerry Bell, Andrew Kalat

DevelopSec Hosted by James Jardine

Down the Security Rabbithole Hosted by Rafal Los, James Jardine, Michael Santarcangelo

Exploring Information Security Hosted by Timothy De Block

Government Information Security Podcast

IANS Information Security Podcast Hosted by Chris Gonsalves


Info Risk Today

InfoSec Weekly Podcast by IT Governance

Information Security News Podcasts Nortwestern University

An Information Security Place Podcast Hosted by Michael R. Farnum and Jim Broome

Liquidmatrix Podcast Hosted by Liquidmatrix Team

National Cyber Security Hosted by Gregory Evans

Paul’s Security Weekly Hosted by Paul Asadoorin

Risky Business Hosted by Patrick Gray

RSA Conference

SANS Internet Storm Center Daily Network and Information Security Podcast

Securing Business International Business Company

Security Insider Hosted by Patrick Townsend

The Security Ledger Hosted by Paul Roberts

Security, Mobile & Cloud Hosted by Caleb Barlow

Security Now: Hosted by Steve Gibson, Leo Laportepa

SecurityCast Radio (Can tune in any time to listen to a podcast)

Silver Bullet Podcast

Smashing Security: Hosted by Graham Cluley, Carole Theriault

The Social Media Security Podcast (The Shared Security Podcast)

Sophus Chet Chat Hosted by Chester Wisniewsi and the Sophos Team

The Southern Fried Security Podcast Hosted by Andy Willingham, Martin Fisher, Steve Ragan, Joseph Sokoly, Yvette Johnson

Root Access

Standard Deviant Security Podcast Hosted by Tony Martin-Vegue

Tenable Network Security Podcast

Threatpost Hosted by Chris Brook


Troy Hunt’s Weekly Update Podcast

The Unsupervised Learning Podcast Hosted by Daniel Miessler

Web Security Warriors Hosted By Jack Ryan

Search engines

100 Search Engines for Academic Research 2012

100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars (Revised) 2012

Wiki: List of search engines

BASE: Search for cybercrime, passwords

citeulike: Search for cybercrime, passwords

Dogpile (meta search): Search for cybercrime, passwords

DuckDuckGo: Search for cyber security kids, hackers, password managers, passwords

Google Books: Search for passwords

Google Scholar: Search for computer security, hacking cyber, internet security, passwords

Mamma (meta search):

Metacrawler (meta search): cybercrime, passwords

Microsoft Academic Search: Search for password

Refseek: Search for cybercrime, passwords

The Virtual LRC: Search for cybercrime, malware, passwords

Security organisations

Digital Guardian: Search for cybercrime, hacking, passwords

EY: Search for cybercrime, malware

Illum I/O: Search for hacking

info security: Search for passphrase, passwords, strong password

Kaspersky: Search for cybercrime

naked security by Sophos: Search for password

OWASP: Category: Attack, Search for password

RiskBased Security

SecureWorks: Search for cybercrime, hacking, malware

RSA: Search for cybercrime, hacking, password

Symantec: Search for cybercrime, malware

UK Cyber Security Forum

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report


BookButler Search for computer security, cyber-safe kids, cyber security, internet security, passwords

Wikipedia Search for password