Playing remotely using your own set

Covid-19 has, no doubt, left a lot of Mah-Jong players feeling stranded – unable to have their regular game with their friends and club members. And I am sure it is not just the game that people are missing but also the social contact so important to all our lives.

This book explains how you can play a version of Mah-Jong – not too far removed from the normal one – without having to leave your home to meet up with other players.

.My experience with British rules, and some initial feedback, suggests that it may be possible to apply the idea to many other versions of the game.

It doesn’t require any special online games software. You only need to to be able to use Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or a similar application – and to have a Mah-Jong set in your home.





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There are workarounds to deal with the obvious problem of not being able to exchange tiles between households and other consequences. But the rules of the game are little changed and it presents similar challenges to the normal game.

This way of playing probably gives a better experience if you think that socialising with your friends is the most important consideration. It also means that you can play using real Mah-Jong sets – and there is no cost involved.

Communicating with your friends & club members

Zoom, of course, only allows you 40 minutes before you have to pay but there are plenty of video calling applications which will allow you to see and chat to your opponents for free. Here’s a list of recommended ones:

If only two couples are playing then one can simply use Skype or FaceTime.

U3A Clubs

If you belong to a U3A Mah-Jong group, your local organisation may have taken out a subscription with Zoom or an equivalent service. This may allow your club leader to organise  the meetings and to allocate members to break-out groups to play.

Aids for remote playing

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It would be interesting to learn of your experiences trying to play Mah-Jong remotely.
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