Mah-Jong, British Rules

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Contains the same information and illustrations found in this website.

Chapters on: Equipment, Learning the Game by Stages, The Game, Scoring, KTG: Corrections & Clarifications, Mah-Jong Strategy, Questions Answered, Glossary. 


Mah-Jong (Know the Game)

by Gwyn Headley and Yvonne Seeley
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Written in collaboration with the British Mah-Jong Association (BMJA)  in an attempt to curtail the confusion over how to play and to allow the beginner an easier passage into game.  It gives the official BMJA rules.

It also contains a short history of the game, something on tactics and etiquette and – for the more serious player – tournament play rules and penalties.

There are some mistakes/ambiguities (acknowlodged by the authors) which are explained in more detail here.


The Great Mahjong Book: History, Lore and Play

by Jelte Rep
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This is a beautifully illustrated and well written book about the history of Mah-Jong and the rules that are used in various countries.



Mah Jongg: The Art of the Game

by Ann M. Israel & Gregg Swain
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Wonderful illustrations showing attractive tiles and vintage sets made using a wide variety of materials from paper to mother of pearl. Also contains a couple of chapters on the history of the game. Definitely one for the coffee table.



The Complete Book of Mah-Jongg

by A. D. Millington
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This is considered to be an authoritative (but perhaps over wordy) guide to classical Chinese Mah-Jongg. Besides delving into the minutia of these rules it covers the history, philosophy and symbolism of the game and assesses its various rival forms.