Conventions adopted


I’ve got used to pronouncing it with a soft “j” – something between a hard “j” (as in “John”) and a “y” as in “yonder”. Perhaps “Beijing” is an example. Or the English word, “genre”.


I have largely followed those used in “Mah-Jong (Know the Game)” by Gwyn Headley and Yvonne Seeley – the official reference for the BMJA rules. Notice the selective capitalisation.

Mah-Jong Mah-Jong, call ‘Mah-Jong!’, one for Mah-Jong, fishing, calling, calling hand
the wall wall, the Great Wall of China, live wall, dead wall, kong box, loose tile, call ‘Pow!’
accessories dice, racks, tallies, wind discs, Tong box, Chuang-tzu
Winds Wind, prevailing Wind, Wind of the round, own Wind, Wind positions, Wind tiles, East Wind, South Wind, West Wind, North Wind, all four Winds, East Wind numbered 1, etc.
Dragons Dragon, Dragons, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, White Dragon, all three Dragons
suits suit, Bamboos, Circles, Characters, 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 1 Bamboos, 2 Bamboos, (not 2 of Bamboos), etc., 1 Circles, 2 Circles, etc., 1 Characters, 2 Characters, etc., one of each 1, one of each 9, seven pairs of 1s / 9s, a run from 2 to 8
bonus tiles bonus tiles, Flowers, Flower tiles, Seasons, Season tiles, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, bonus points, bouquet, the four Flowers/Seasons numbered 1 to 4
major/minor major tile(s), minor tile(s), honour tile(s)
sets sets, exposed, concealed, chow, pung, kong, a pair, chowed, punged, konged, call ‘Chow!’, call ‘Pung!’, call ‘Kong!’, rob the kong, robbing the kong
special hands special hand, All pair honours, All Winds and Dragons, Buried treasure, Four blessings hovering over the door, Fourfold plenty, Heads and tails, Imperial jade, Knitting, Purity, The thirteen unique wonders, The wriggling snake, Three great scholars, Triple knitting, limit, the limit
goulash wash-out, goulash, joker tiles, jokers, wild