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 OVERVIEW:  TilesTalliesPreparing to play Breaking into the wall – ExamplePoints for basic scoreDoubling for all playersDoubling for player going Mah-JongSettling upSpecial handsDoubling 3 times, same when fishingScoring 500 points, 200 when fishingScoring 1,000 points, 400 when fishing

This is intended has a handy reference when playing the game for those who have tablets or smart phones.






Preparing to play

  1. Distribute the tallies
  2. Determine who is to be East Wind
  3. Determine the prevailing Wind  (East Wind at the start)
  4. Shuffle the tiles, face down  (East Wind cries “Pow!“)
  5. Build four walls  (each 18 tiles long and 2 tiles high)
  6. Break into one wall  (putting 2 loose tiles on top of wall)
  7. Form the kong box  (count 6 tiles back from break)
  8. East Wind deals out the tiles  (3 lots of 4 then 1 at the end, making 13 tiles, then 1 extra to East Wind)
  9. Select out any Flower or Season tiles and replace them from the kong box  (East first, then South, West and North)

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Breaking into the wall – Example

East Wind throws  6  then counts anti-clockwise to locate the wall in front of South Wind.
South Wind then throws  8.  The sum of the two throws is  14,  so he counts along the wall starting from his right
If the sum of the two throws had been greater than 18 then the count would have continued into the next wall.

South Wind then puts the 2 loose tiles on the wall and counts back  6  tiles from the break to form the kong box.
Dealing begins from the start of the live wall.

State of the wall after determining the break point and forming the kong box


Points for basic score

For going Mah-Jong:  20  
If the winning tile was drawn from the live wall:  2


Doubling for all players

  • Set of own Wind
  • Set of prevailing Wind
  • Set of Dragons
  • Own Flower / Season
  • Set of Flowers / Seasons  (double twice)
  • Original call

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Doubling for player going Mah-Jong

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There are a number of CALCULATORS available to help you work out your score.
But note that your final score cannot exceed the limit of 1,000 points.


Settling up

The losers pay the winner, then each other.
East Wind always pays and receives double, so the maximum exchange with him is 2,000 points.

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 Special Hands


Doubling 3 times, same when fishing


Pungs / Kongs of any one suit and a pair. No Winds, Dragons or chows. More details


Scoring 500 points, 200 when fishing

All pair honours

Seven pairs of 1s / 9s / Winds / Dragons.  More details


Seven pairs of tiles, with the same numbers in any two of the suits. No Winds or Dragons are allowed.  Duplicate pairs are allowed.

Triple knitting

Four sets of three tiles, with the same numbers in the three different suits, plus a pair of same numbers. No Winds or Dragons are allowed. Duplicate triplets are allowed.


Scoring 1,000 points, 400 when fishing

Buried treasure

Concealed pungs (no kongs) in one suit with Winds and/or Dragons and a pair.  More details

Imperial Jade

Pungs / Kongs of the green tiles and a pair.
Green tiles are Green Dragons and 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s and 8s of Bamboos.

Heads and tails

Pungs / Kongs of 1s and 9s.

Three great scholars

Pungs / Kongs of all three Dragons, another pung / kong and a pair. More details

All Winds and Dragons

Pungs / Kongs of Winds / Dragons and a pair.  No Suit tiles are allowed. More details

Four blessings hovering over the door

Pungs / Kongs of each of the four Winds with any pair. More details

Fourfold plenty

Four kongs and a pair. The suits can be mixed.

The gates of heaven

A concealed pung of 1s,  a concealed pung of 9s,  a run from 2 to 8 with one pair, all in the same suit.  You can pung the last set to go Mah-Jong.

The wriggling snake

A pair of 1s and a run from 2 to 9 in the same suit, with each of the Winds.

The thirteen unique wonders

One of each Dragon, one of each Wind, one of each 1 and one of each 9.  Any one paired.

Heaven’s blessing
Mah-Jong immediately made by East with the original fourteen tiles dealt to that player.

Earth’s blessing
Mah-Jong immediately made by West, North or South using the first discard made by East.

Gathering the plum blossom from the roof
The “plum blossom” is the 5 Circles.
This is made by a player who draws a loose (roof) tile as a replacement for a kong, a Flower or a Season and that tile is the plum blossom which allows the player to go Mah-Jong.

Plucking the moon from the bottom of the sea
The “moon” is the 1 Circles.
This is made by a player who upon drawing the last tile from the wall finds that it is the moon which allows the player to go Mah-Jong.

Twofold fortune
Made by a player who declares a kong, draws a tile which allows the declaration of another kong and then draws a tile which allows the declaration of Mah-Jong.