This website is a relaunched version of my original website (URL: www.MahJongBritishRules.com) which was first published in October 2008.
(It’s been replaced for a variety of technical reasons.)

It is based on the 3rd (2008) edition of the book Mah-Jong (Know the Game) by Gwyn Headley and Yvonne Seeley, which explains the British Mah-Jong Association (BMJA) rules.

The original website was endorsed by the authors, who have since advised me on the various clarifications to the rules which are included here.

Whilst I have endeavoured to make the explanation of the BMJA rules as clear as possible (and have consulted extensively with the authors), any misunderstandings that arise are entirely my responsibility.


Website history

List of significant changes to the website:
16 June, 2020 PDF booklet, “Pictures from a Mah-Jong set”, published in Gumroad store
29 May, 2020 PDF book, “How to play Mah-Jong remotely”, published in Gumroad store
28 April, 2020 New page added: “How to play Mah-Jong remotely”
4 January, 2020 Corrections & Clarifications page updated
4 December, 2019 NEWS page added
28 November, 2019 PDF version of Mah-Jong, British Rules book made available (worldwide)
Minor change to rules in BOOKS > Corrections and Clarifications to Mah-Jong (Know the Game)
9th December, 2018 Gifts section added  with links to Zazzle store: MahjongBritishRules
25th November, 2018 The Mah-Jong Card Game section added with links to Zazzle store: MahjongBritishRules
28th May, 2018 ‘Conventions adopted’ page added under ‘About’ menu item
 24th May, 2018 Re-designed website (with new URL:  MahJong-BritishRules.com) launched using the WordPress platform.
It is now responsive to smart phones and tablets.
New sections added: Strategy, Questions, Playing Aid, Calculators, Books, KTG: Corrections & Clarifications, Shop.
Clubs & Contacts updated. Mah-Jong websites updated.
Capitalisation of Mah-Jong terms and references to suit tiles now consistent with that used in “Mah-Jong (Know the Game)”.
Can now purchase my book and playing aid directly from website, also other playing aids from my Zazzle store.
 10th November, 2008  Website launched with British Mah-Jong Association approval
29th Oct 2008 www.MahJongBritishRules.com website uploaded for testing