This is a slightly different version of Mah-Jong which uses small cards, rather than tiles.
It allows you to play all versions of the game, not just the British (BMJA) rules.

The rules are as close to the normal game, only differing to allow for cards to be used instead of tiles. So the changes just affect the building of the wall and the placement of discards.

The cards are less expensive than a set of tiles and easier to take on holiday. There is also an alternative way of settling up using pen and paper (again cheaper, and easier for holidays).

Unlike other Mah-Jong card games, it preserves all the elements of the traditional game as well as retaining the charm of traditional tile designs from the 1930s.


The cards

The normal 144 cards are provided, plus 8 jokers, 4 Riichi “Red fives” and 2 spare cards.
 YOU CAN OBTAIN THEM FROM MY   ZAZZLE STORE ..(links to which are given below).

Each Mah-Jong card measures 1½” x 2” (3.8cm x 5.4cm). They are on 10 large cards (16 per card)… SO SOME CAREFUL CUTTING OUT IS REQUIRED.

The front of each card shows a picture of a tile from a bone and bamboo Mah-Jong set made in China, probably between 1920 and 1940. The set is in pristine condition and has particularly attractive Flower, Season and Joker tiles with traditional Chinese designs.

The bone and bamboo Mah-Jong set used to make the card set

Riichi Mahjong Red Fives

Card racks and dice

The cards are not held in the hand during play but slotted into attractive racks (also made from card). An alternative (spinning) card dice is also provided if required. Again these can be obtained from my Zazzle store...

Making the set

Instructions for making the set are provided here. Please note that it does require some careful cutting out, and some patience.

The rules

The differences to the rules are explained on a card, also available from my store.

There is another card which explains the alternative method of settling up. A score sheet can be downloaded (as a free PDF file) from my shop – The Mah-Jong Card Game department. You can then print the PDF from your computer.

In addition there is a set of 6 cards which explain the complete game using the British (BMJA) rules.

All the playing aid cards come in two sizes:  5″ x 7″ (12.7cm x 17.8cm) and 6½ ” x 8¾” (16.5cm x 22.2cm) for those who would prefer a larger print size.


Zazzle stores

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