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Buying a Mah-jong set

Mah-Jong sets are usually not cheap. And it is worth paying as much as you can reasonably afford to obtain one that is attractive. Having a set that feels good enhances the experience of the game.

A good place to start looking is your local second-hand shops. You may be very fortunate and find an old set made from bone and bamboo.

An alternative is to look for a second-hand set on eBay (set ‘Seller type’ to ‘Private’ in the Advanced Search), though you are at a disadvantage in not being able to take a close look.

It’s worth trying to verify a few things with the seller before bidding. Ask when and where it was bought, what the tiles are made from and how many tiles are in the set. There should be at least 144 tiles. Sometimes there are also 4 spare tiles and 4 joker tiles.

Attractive, new Mah-Jong sets are not always easy to find in the High Street. You will need to look in department stores and specialist games shops.

A list of websites that sell Mah-Jong sets can be found in Websites that sell Mah-Jong sets.
Google Shopping is also a good place to look. (You may also want to try another shopping search engine).


Buying Racks

Racks are not generally sold with Mah-Jong sets, but they are worth getting. They can be simple wooden ones or more decorative, lacquered racks (often with compartments for the tallies).

A search on Google Shopping or Amazon should be successful. They are also listed in Website Sales.


Buying Tallies

You do not need to use tallies, but they do add some fun. They go by different names and are more difficult to find. So you may need to search in Google Shopping and other places using “Mah-Jong” with one or more of the following names: “tallies”, “tally sticks”, “scoring sticks”, “counting sticks”, “money sticks”, “chips”. Some are listed in Website Sales.


Buying other Accessories

If you want a special table for playing Mah-Jong on, a card table will suffice. Look in Google Shopping. Tom Sloper’s FAQs gives some more information. A cheaper an alternative is to buy a suitably sized square of green felt and put it over your dining table.


Examples of Mah-Jong sets

CHarli’s Mah Jong Museum – Amazing collection of photographs and movies of Mah-Jong sets

Sets belonging to members of my local Mah-Jong club


More information about Mah-Jong sets

Tom Sloper’s (US based) Mah-Jongg FAQ’s has a mine of information about Mah-Jong sets:

If you are trying to replace a Mah-Jong tile look in mahjong tiles:

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