Deciding what to collect

OVERVIEW:  Will depend on how you play the game ⇒ The dealt handAsk yourself these questionsIs a 1000 S. Hand feasible?Which suit looks best for a clean hand?What are my chances of getting a high scoring hand?Should I go for Knitting?


Will depend on how you play the game

Deciding what to collect will, of course, depend on if you want to score. And, should you decide to do so, it will then depend on if you are looking for a high score or a simple MJ.

If you don’t score then the complexity of your game is reduced and you will find that a lot of the tactics described here will not apply. This, to a lesser extent, will also be true when you just aim to get a simple MJ.


The dealt hand

What you decide to collect will be dictated largely by your dealt hand. At this point you have 13 of the 36 or so tiles that you likely to receive (assuming there four players and all the tiles in the wall are used). And you will not know what the others are going to be until you see them!


Ask yourself these questions

So at this point you need to ask yourself:

Is a Special Hand that scores 1,000 points feasible?

One which does NOT consist of pungs/kongs

  • The Gates of Heaven, The Wriggling Snake, The Thirteen Unique Wonders

One which does consist of pungs/kongs

  • Imperial Jade, Heads and Tails, The Three Great Scholars, All Winds and Dragons, Four Blessings Hovering Over the Door
  • Less risk associated with this type
  • Is likely to depend heavily on the luck of pick-ups


Which suit looks best for a clean hand?

  • Are there more of one suit than any other?
  • Do I have any major tiles of that suit?


What are my chances of getting a high scoring hand?


Should I go for Knitting?

  • Are there few or no honour tiles?
  • Are there few or no major tiles?
  • Do I have roughly the same number of tiles of each suit?
  • Do I have matching numbers across different suits?



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