‘Highest possible score’

The highest score you can get is the limit of 1,000 points, even though – when you make the doubling calculation – the ‘value’ of your tiles can get much higher than this. Given the power of doubling, it’s an interesting exercise to determine what the highest possible score could be if you ignore the limit.

Here’s the highest possible hand I could imagine: (The chance of this particular combination of tiles and circumstance happening is, of course, vanishingly small)

The hand is held by East Wind and he/she goes Mah-Jong with a loose tile  (i.e. one taken from the kong box).  The prevailing Wind is East.


The Calculation

Basic score

 Concealed kong of East Winds 32
 Concealed kong of One of Circles 32
 Concealed kong of Green Dragons 32
Concealed kong of Red Dragons 32
Pair of White Dragons   2
The 4 Flowers 16
The 4 Seasons 16
For going Mah-Jong 20
Total basic score 182 points


 Own Wind and prevailing Wind 2
All Ones / Nines (and some honour tiles) 1
Kong of Green Dragons 1
 Kong of Red Dragons 1
All the same suit (and some honour tiles) 1
Bouquet of Flowers 2
Bouquet of Seasons 2
Concealed hand (with some honour tiles) 1
No chows 1
Going Mah-Jong with a loose tile 1
Total number of doubles 13




The number of doubles
in this hand is 13
which equates to
multiplying by 8,192




So the final score (if you ignore  the limit of 1,000) is   182  8,192  =