A guide to buying The Mah-Jong Card Game

Making The Mah-Jong Card Game does require some careful cutting out. Please read the instructions for making the game so that you are aware of what is involved before making any purchases.



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The Mah-Jong Card Game collection

  • Go to my collection called “The Mah-Jong Card Game” where you will find all you need.
  • Make sure that you are in the appropriate store for where you live. Check the flag at the top.

Note: Occasionally a collection may temporarily disappear because Zazzle is doing something to it’s database. Should this happen you can get everything you need for the game at Products – Mah-Jong set.

Put the items that you wish to purchase in your basket, then pay at the end.

Game Cards

You need the following for the complete set of game cards:

  • Game cards (1) – Flowers, Seasons, Dragons
  • Game cards (2) – White Dragon, Winds: E-S-W
  • Game cards (3) – North Wind, Bamboos 1–3
  • Game cards (4) – Bamboos 4–7
  • Game cards (5) – Bamboos 8–9, Characters 1
  • Game cards (6) – Characters 3–6
  • Game cards (7) – Characters 7–9, Circles 1
  • Game cards (8) – Circles 2–5
  • Game cards (9) – Circles 6–9
  • Game cards (10) – Jokers
    • If you play Japanese Riichi Mahjong and wish to have the “red fives” then buyGame cards (10) – for Riichi Mahjong instead


You will also need cards to make some racks.
3 racks are required for each player. So, for 4 players you will need:

  • 2 x Card game racks
  • 1 x Card game rack stabilizers


There’s a ‘Card game dice spinner‘ if you need a dice



You will need a card which explains the differences between your normal game of Mah-Jong using tiles and  The Mah-Jong Card Game. These relate to the building of the wall and the placement of discards.

There are two versions of this:

  • The Mah-Jong Card Game – Differences  (12.7 cm x 17.8 cm)
  • Large Print – The Card Game – Differences  (16.5 cm x 22.2 cm) for those who want a larger print size

Settling up

Finally, if you don’t want to use Tallies there is a suggested way of settling up explained on another card:  The Mah-Jong Card Game – Settling up.
Again, there is a large print version of this:  Large Print – The Card Game – Settling up.

There’s an accompanying score sheet (a free PDF) which you can download then print. Click here to get it. Also a “Beginner’s score card” which can be printed.


Instructions for making The Mah-Jong Card Game

You can also download an instruction sheet (a free PDF) from my website which takes you through all you have to do to make the game. Click here to get it.

It also explains the differences between the Card Game and Mah-Jong played with tiles.


After your purchase

Cancelling your order

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100% satisfaction

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