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OVERVIEW:  Get people to mixIntroduce the special handsThe highest Mah-Jong scoreRecord the highest scoresMah-Jong of the monthDid you know that…Hold a Mahjong-A-ThongMeet up with another groupAttracting new membersPDF files to download

Whilst just playing the game itself is enjoyable, doing something a bit different can make it more interesting.
Here are a few suggestions that the club leader might wish to consider.


How to play Mah-Jong remotely

Coronavirus needn’t stop your members playing Mah-Jong. . Here’s how to do it…

Individuals or couples with their own sets can play in their own homes and connect remotely using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc...

Get people to mix

There can be a tendency for people to take the same playing partners each time. We are creatures of habit!
Here’s a way of mixing them up…

  • Print 3 copies of this PDF document.  (You may want this PDF as well if you have a larger group)
  • Cut out the table number cards and take 5 of each.
  • If you think it appropriate, only apply this to some of the tables you normally use.
  • Before people arrive, place one of the cards on each table  (thus numbering them).
  • Put the remaining cards (4 of each table number) face down on another table and shuffle them.
  • As people arrive, get them to take a card and go to the table it describes.

Introduce the special hands

Players can forget (or not think) about some of the special hands, so it does some good to remind them.

Describe a special hand at the beginning of the session and suggest they consider going for it.

Download this document  which gives some descriptions that you can use or adapt.

The highest Mah-Jong score

There is a hand that would score well over a million points  (if one did not impose a limit of 1,000 points).

Set this hand up for the members of your group to look at and ask them to try to work out the score. Don’t tell them that it is the highest possible score. You could give them this handout.

I would suggest you provide a calculator or use this website’s Mah-Jong score calculator.

Record the highest scores

Whilst this highest score is unlikely in the extreme, it is still possible to get a hand with a very high score  – EXCEPT that the rules impose a limit of (normally) 1,000 points.

Nevertheless, it can be fun to note your highest scores.

Download this form  and use it to record the five highest scores attained.  As scores are toppled, record the new highest ones.   When the sheet is full, print another and transfer the five highest.

Note that the rule for doubling with special hands when you have your own flower or season is different. Only the value of the flower / season tiles is doubled.  For example, a Wriggling Snake with own season would score 1,008.
Note also that being East Wind doesn’t double your score, only the points that others pay you.

Mah-Jong of the month

Take a photo of any Mah-Jong hand (with and without the player) which you consider to be a very good one. It might be a special hand or one that exceeds the 1,000 points limit. Hands which give scores well over the limit might be given more status.

At the end of the month circulate a list (with photos) of all these hands and ask members of the group to vote on which hand they consider to be the best.

Give a prize to the winner.

Did you know that…

Each week give the group an interesting Mah-Jong fact (Tom Sloper’s website is a good source) or a point from BMJA rules that they may not be aware of (use Questions Answered to help you find something.

Here are some examples.

Use a white board if you have one.

Hold a Mahjong-A-Thong

Arrange a day when you can play Mah-Jong all day long. Perhaps someone has a particularly pleasant garden.

Start early – say around 10am – and continue until the evening. Use this form to record your activities.

Meet up with another group

Look for other Mah-Jong groups in your region and arrange a visit. You will need to agree on rules, or be tolerant of differences if they don’t play by BMJA rules.

Attracting new members

Here’s a poster that may help you attract more people.

If there’s an appropriate general meeting, why not stage an exhibition game of Mah-Jong?

Hand out cards / fliers with your contact details on (perhaps using this PDF document).

Make sure that your club is listed on this website (if appropriate):

PDF files to download