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This section is for those who are looking to play Mah-Jong with people other than their family or friends, or just wish to contact others who are interested in Mah-Jong. The references are only to English language websites and, to some extent, take a UK viewpoint.

U3A clubs in the UK

If you are retired (or semi-retired), one of the first places to look is your local U3A organisation.
U3A membership is not related to a specific age but to a period in one’s life – the “third age” (after the “second age” of full-time employment and parental responsibility). Anybody in their third age can join the U3A and this includes people who are working part time. There is no lower age for membership.

There are over 1,000 local U3A groups in the UK with a total of over 400,000 members [as of 2018].  It’s run entirely by volunteers who organise educational, creative and leisure opportunities.
The national website gives you a way to find your local organisation (via Regions) but you may find it simpler to click on one of the links below.

Locate your nearest U3A organisation to find out if it has a Mah-Jong group and who to contact.

Other clubs in the UK

If there is a Women’s Institute near you it may have a Mah-Jong group.
(There are some listed here – along with other Mah-Jong clubs.)

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(NOT a U3A club)

Mah-Jong teachers in the UK

Rules taught: .BMJA – British Mah-Jong Association, .CH – Chinese, .JRJapanese Riichi..MR Max Robertson.US – American

KT12 Walton on Thames Janet Stein email US Jun 19

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Mah-Jong teachers in the UK – wanted

email Postcode Nearest Town/City Rules that person wishes to be taught
Tony Etherton HA7 Stanmore Any British Rules
Louisa Turner  DY14 Kidderminster Classical Chinese
Ann marie Starr  NW1/NW3 Camden, London BMJA


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National or regional Mah-Jong events in the UK

(none currently known)

 . Proposed event. (Will depend on enough people showing an interest)

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U3A clubs in other countries

Here are links where you can check if there is U3A Mah-Jong club near you if you live in a country outside of the UK.

   U3A International
Australia and New Zealand
Spain:  Costa BravaCosta Del Sol
South Africa

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BMJA rules – Clubs/teachers in other countries

This is a list of teachers of BMJA rules and clubs that play by them in countries outside of the UK. (It doesn’t include clubs that have a listing in their local U3A website.)


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(and which doesn’t have a listing in a local U3A website)
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  American Mah-Jongg Association
Formed in October 1999 to promote the American rules of Mah-Jongg, similar to those of the NMJL.
   British Mah-Jong Association
Formed in 1978, it was responsible for the BMJA rules set out  in “Mah-Jong  (Know the Game)” by Gwyn Headley and Yvonne Seeley. These are the rules explained in this website.
   European Mahjong Association
Formed in June 2005 during the Open European Mahjong Championship, and Is linked to several member organisations. It organises tournaments based on the rules  published by the World Mahjong Organization (“Chinese Official” Mahjong Competition Rules) and Riichi (modern Japanese Mahjong rules).
   Mahjong Danmark
An association of Danish Mahjong players founded in 2000 who play by the World Mahjong Organization and Riichi  rules.
   National Mah Jongg League
Formed  in 1937 and claims to produce the “Official” American rules, which it makes changes to each year.
  UK Mahjong Association
Formed in 2010 primarily to enable, facilitate and promote the playing of Mahjong tournaments in the United Kingdom conforming to internationally recognised rules, though it also wants to help all forms of the game in the UK.

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Meeting people online

There are places on the Internet where you can discuss and find comments about Mah-Jong, but the plethora of Mah-Jong rules may make this rather frustrating for someone who is only experienced in one particular version of the game. It’s something to sample then decide on.  

Social networking sites

These are online communities of people who share interests and/or activities. Facebook Groups and Google+ are popular sites where you might find Mah-Jong groups. You will need to search for “Mahjong(or a variation of it like “Mah Jongg” – and possibly another qualification).

Facebook Groups
Search for “Mahjong” ⇒ Click on Groups

Search for “Mahjong”



A blog (a contraction of the term “Web log“) is a website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events or other material such as graphics or video.  Search for Mah-Jong blogs.
People often used to write their blogs.

Start your own blog
Click here to join and start your own blogIt will host your blog for free.
(Note that there is also, which has its advantages, but you will have to pay for hosting, backups and a URL. Here’s a comparison. I would suggest you start with


Twitter may be worth a visit
Search for “Mahjong”

Answers to your questions

A  Mah-Jong Question & Answer Bulletin Board run by the Mah-Jong expert, Tom Sloper, is definitely worth a look.
Please first check with his long list of already answered questions.

BMJA rules
If you have a question about the BMJA rules you can contact me here. But please check the information on this website first, especailly the questions already answered.

Other contact information

Local government

Local leisure activities can sometimes be found in Local Government websites. If you are in the UK  visit the website, where you can find the website run by your local council.


Mah-Jong websites

There is a list of Mah-Jong website which have information about contacting Mah-Jong groups and meeting other players (in this website) here.

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