Starting a new group

OVERVIEW:   Encourage someone to start a group ⇒  Learning the rulesHow many people do you need?Where to playAttracting new members 

Encourage someone to start a group

This poster may help.

Learning the rules

Start with a simple, pared-down version of the BMJA rules.
When you are happy with this move on to the next stage, and follow my gentle introduction to the full rules. See Learning the game in stages.

A lot of players find playing aids very helpful. And it may help to have a printed version of the website rules to hand.

How many people do you need?

Although the game is meant to be played by four players it works OK for three.  So 6 to 8 players will give you two games and 9 to 12 will give you three.

Where to play

Play in someone’s home if you have sufficient tables.

Consider getting a card or bridge table. See here for help or maybe hire a local community hall for a couple of hours a week.

Attracting new members

Here’s a poster that may help you attract more people.

If there’s an appropriate general meeting, why not stage an exhibition game of Mah-Jong?

Hand out cards / fliers with your contact details on (perhaps using this PDF document).

Make sure that your club is listed on this website (if appropriate):