My Mah-Jong PDF book explained

What is a PDF book?

PDF” stands for “Portable Document Format”.

Developed by Adobe Systems, a PDF is a document that looks the same, irrespective of the device that is used to view it. Your computer will probably have something like Adobe Acrobat Reader which will allow you to open and read my Mah-Jong PDF book.

Although PDF books are sometimes referred to as ebooks, they are different because they have a fixed format – the text and graphics do not adapt to the device you are viewing them with. This can sometimes make PDFs difficult to read on smaller smartphones.

Getting the book

Click on the book image to be taken to my Gumroad store where you can buy the book. When you have done this you will be asked for your email address then sent an email which will allow you to download the PDF file.



Further downloads

Gumroad remembers your email address, so If you require a further download you do not have to pay for the book again.

Printing the book

Unlike an ebook, you can print a copy of a PDF book (if allowed).

The Mah-Jong PDF book will print onto A4 size paper. It is intended to be printed on both sides of each sheet, so I suggest that you use a fairly good quality paper like 110gsm.

The book is covered by Copyright, but I am allowing you to print a copy for your own personal use.

You will probably require a folder. Something like a “Duraclip” folder may be suitable (provided it has the capacity to hold all the pages).