Mah-Jong, British Rules book + 2 playing aids


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Author: Peter Gregory

3rd edition, 2018

Contains the same information and illustrations found in this website, but in a format that is easier to reference
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Laminated card showing you how to build & break the wall, deal and score.
It’s very useful to have to hand as a reference when playing the game.
Shows all the special hands.

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A clear, illustrated explanation of the British Mah-Jong Association (BMJA) rules

  • What a Mah-Jong set contains
  • How to set out and deal the tiles
  • How then to play the game
  • How to score and settle the tally payments once someone has gone Mah-Jong

The basic rules of Mah-Jong are quite easily grasped (it’s a bit like the card game “Rummy”), but there are a number of complexities. So, for the beginner, there is a chapter which breaks the rules down into easy stages – taking you gradually towards the complete rules.

There is a chapter on Mah-Jong strategy – how best to play to increase your chances of winning – and another which answers a multitude of questions that visitors to the website have asked about the BMJA rules.

81pages.  Size A4 (210 x 297mm, 8.3 x 11.7 inches).


  • Introduction
  • Equipment
  • Learning the Game by Stages
  • The Game
  • Scoring
  • “Mah-Jong (Know the Game)” Corrections & Clarifications
  • Mah-Jong Strategy
  • Questions Answered
  • Glossary


Two-sided playing aid for people playing Mah-Jong using the British Mah-Jong Association (BMJA) rules.

Laminated cardSize A4 (210 x 297mm, 8.3 x 11.7 inches).

2018 edition
This is a re-design of the previous laminated playing aid (making it more informative and easier to follow) and includes a couple of recent clarifications from the authors of the BMJA rules relating to special hands:  (a) what actually constitutes ‘Buried treasure’ and (b) the score that might be obtained for some of the hands in unusual circumstances .

Side 1 – Preparation, basic scoring and doubling

  • Explains how to prepare for playing, including how to build the walls, break one to form the kong box and then deal the tiles
  • Shows how to calculate the basic score from pungs, kongs, etc.
  • Gives illustrations of all the tiles and their classifications: major & minor suit tiles, honour tiles (Dragons & Winds) and bonus tiles
  • Shows the doubling allowed for each of the players

Side 2 – Special hands

  • Gives illustrated descriptions of all the special hands and the scores they give you

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