Mahjong Friends Online feedback

Please complete this form to give your feedback about the new online game app, Mahjong Friends Online, to the developers. 

Note:.. * means that an answer is required

If this varies, please give the usual number
If this varies, please give the usual number
Click on one or more options. Note: This is the device that you run the MFO app on
Selected Value: 1
'20' would mean '20 or more'
It's on the top left of the screen e.g. 0.63
e.g. Q6 M20:50+0
An error is something that is obviously a 'bug' - where MFO is not behaving correctly. Please try to give as much information as possible about what led up to an error. Let us know if you were able to repeat it.
See below for how to do this.

Sending a screen shot or photo

Please email your screen shot (or photo of the screen) showing the MFO board and tiles by clicking here. (Give your name and attach your screen shot).

Obtaining a screen shot

How you obtain a screen shot will depend on your device. There is some advice below, but if it doesn’t apply you will need to consult your device manual (or query Google).

Note: “+” indicates that keys or buttons need to be pressed together

Windows desktop / laptop
Print Screen (PrtScn, PrntScrn, Print Scr) key

Windows tablet
Windows logo button + Volume Down button
Windows logo key + Ctrl + PrtScn
Windows logo key + Fn + PrtScn

Apple Mac
Command + Shift + 3. keys
(Will appear on desktop)

Apple iPad
With a Home button: Top + Home buttons
Without a Home button: Top + Volume Up buttons
(Tap thumbnail to open it)

Apple iPhone
With Face ID: Side + Volume Up buttons
With Touch ID and Side button: Side + Home buttons
With Touch ID and Top button: Top + Home buttons
(Tap thumbnail to open it)

Android tablet or phone
Power + Volume Down (until you hear a click)

Amazon Kindle
Power Off + Volume Down buttons
(Will be saved to Amazon Photos)

Ctrl + Windows Switcher (F5)