Playing aid – Some terms

Final discard
The tile discarded after the last available tile has been taken from the live wall.

Last available tile
The last tile in the live wall.

Loose tiles
The two tiles which are lifted onto the end of the wall and which are taken, in turn, when someone makes a Kong or picks up a Flower or Season tile.

Original call
A term used to refer to the rare occasion when a player finds after his first discard that he holds a calling hand – one that is one tile away from Mah-Jong. If he does not alter his hand after this time (apart from taking the required tile) he is allowed an extra double.

Robbing the Kong
Where a player takes a tile from the wall and makes a kong from an exposed Pung, another player can  Rob the Kong  in order to go Mah-Jong. The only sets he can thereby make, however, is a Chow or a Special Hand.
In the case of the Chow, it can be claimed even when the player is not immediately to the right of the discarder.  Robbing the Kong for a chow gives the player a double, but having a Chow in the hand also causes him to forfeit one. So the double is immediately lost.
Note that an already exposed Kong cannot be robbed.