Help with buying gifts from my Zazzle store


Before you buy anything, look out for vouchers and promotions which give reductions. Look at Special Offers and CouponsMake a note of the code (and when the deal ends) then apply it as you make the purchase.


Playing aid cards

Note that playing aid cards are designed on “Invitation” cards.


After your purchase

Cancelling your order

You will have a limited time during which you can cancel your order.

Print on Demand

Zazzle works using a process known as “Print On Demand” or “POD“. This means that all items are produced after they have been ordered. There is nothing held in stock.

In consequence it will take a bit longer than you may expect to get what you have purchased. You will be kept informed as your order progresses.

100% satisfaction

Zazzle promises a 100% satisfaction with your purchase. So if you are unhappy with it you can ask for a refund or a replacement. You have 30 days to do this after receiving your shipment.

  • Click on ‘100% Satisfaction’ at the top of the Zazzle store page
  • Click to learn more about ‘The Zazzle Promise
  • Scroll down to ‘HOW TO RETURN AN ITEM
  • Click on ‘Contact Customer Support

You will be shown a list of your purchases.
To complain about a particular item you will need to click on the relevant order – then on the particular item within it  (if there is more than one).